Hear What Our Families Have To Say....



I cannot say enough wonderful things about the little slice of heaven that our family refers to as ORPP.  I should state that the most wonderful thing if all is the fact that our son, River, loves school and looks forward to each Monday (as it begins another praise-worthy week at ORPP!).
Mrs. Sherri welcomes families into the facility with a warm smile, kind words, and clear expectations for families and teachers.  The teachers at ORPP hold students accountable to a rigorous and meaningful curriculum with clear learning objectives; these objectives are communicated to families on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis.  Classrooms are adorned with student created materials and show a passion for a literacy rich environment!  Students are cared for-they are loved-and they are comfortable within their learning environment to grow and learn.  Class sizes are especially designed for individualized instruction and attention on a daily basis.  The school even offers a variety of extracurricular activities in an effort to reach the whole child; KiddieKickers, Little Jumpers, musicals and plays.
How lucky am I to be able to give this school, the teachers, and the experiences to my son; I am forever thankful for the time spent within the walls of ORPP.  River will be prepared for Kindergarten in spirit, mind, and body!

Molly Stoltz




My name is Becky Lynch and I am McKenna and Colton’s mom.  Our family has been a part of the Oak Ridge Presbyterian Church and Preschool family for many years!  McKenna attended preschool for two years, the 3year old and 4 year old pre-K programs.  Colton is currently in his second year at the preschool.  In our time at ORP Preschool, we have been blessed to meet a wonderful group of teachers who go above and beyond!  They work hard to provide routine, structure and fundamentals needed for Kindergarten all through fun lesson plans and activities.  The kids come home excited to share what they have learned, show off projects they made and tell us about their friends from class! 

I can remember both kids having a tough time those first few days as they adjusted to a new place with new faces.  Before long, they were skipping into school and jumping right into the day with smiles on their faces.  McKenna, now a Kindergartner at Canterbury School in Greensboro, still enjoys getting the opportunity to come back to ORP Preschool and see her former teachers. 

My husband and I are so thankful to be a part of such a wonderful preschool program!  We have been surrounded by an amazing staff and a fantastic group of friends!  I would highly recommend ORP Preschool to anyone looking for a preschool program for their child(ren).  We have had a fabulous experience and I trust other families will as well!


Becky Lynch (McKenna and Colton’s mom)


When we first relocated to Oak Ridge from Charlotte 3.5 years ago, I was heartbroken to leave behind our beloved preschool that my oldest child had attended.  I was worried that I wouldn’t find a preschool that met my “checklist”.  I am so thankful that I found Oak Ridge Presbyterian Preschool!  My 2nd child attended as a 3 year old and completed the Pre-K program; my 3rd child attended as a 3 year old and is currently in the Pre-K program.  Oak Ridge Presbyterian Preschool has checked everything off my “must have” list and has completely topped every expectation I could have ever had from a preschool.  From the moment I first toured the preschool, the director Sherri Rhyne has made the school feel like a home.  I respect the fact she provided honest feedback regarding the proper placement for our oldest child.  I adore the fact that she stands at the door, every single morning, and greets each child by name; my children feel so special and loved.  This is just one example of the many personal touches this preschool provides which contributes to such a loving environment.  I was in search of a preschool that was simultaneously play-based yet would provide my children with a solid educational foundation to prepare them for kindergarten.  I was pleased to hear from my oldest child’s kindergarten teacher that they can often tell which children attended Oak Ridge Presbyterian Preschool because the graduates of the preschool enter kindergarten well prepared.  The small class size at the preschool lends itself to the children (and parents!) making great friends; it also means the students receive individual attention in the classroom.  The communication from all of the teachers has been top-notch, the curriculum has been organized and most importantly, the love, acceptance and encouragement my children have received has been consistent.  I have been moved to tears multiple times by the little acts of love the teachers and director have shown my children.  Now I can’t imagine ever leaving Oak Ridge, in large part because I can’t imagine my children attending any preschool other than Oak Ridge Presbyterian! 


Lindsey B.